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Be LIGHT YEARS AHEAD in Public Relations!

Are you ready to shine brighter than ever before? Welcome to LIGHT YEARS AHEAD (LYA), your premier full-service, boutique public relations agency. With our revolutionary grassroots approach, we catapult your brand into the spotlight, securing the most high-profile media placements that will make heads turn.

At LYA, we are masters of promotion, specializing in lifestyle, beauty, personal health, wellness, parenting, technology products, industry experts, and services. Our team of seasoned PR experts combines passion, creativity, and industry know-how to craft unforgettable narratives that captivate audiences and propel your brand to new heights.


At Light Years Ahead, we pride ourselves on being an agency of peers.  Each staff associate possesses a formidable background in sophisticated marketing and PR programming and extensive online strategic and planning skills. Experience, skill, and imagination ensure that exceptional creative ideas are consistently brought to the table.


Based on over 20 years of experience in the field of PR, we have close working relationships with high-profile print, broadcast, and digital media, ensuring that your brand will receive regular media exposure.


Brand building is in our DNA. Whether big or small, we are passionate about helping your company reach its full potential. We relish a challenge and work tirelessly to create unique campaigns to accomplish strategic goals.


LYA creates dynamic, sales-driven PR campaigns that produce stellar results in the most cost-effective ways.  We have helped large corporations launch new products with meaningful brand-building programs that establish and maintain solid media visibility. Conversely, we have successfully placed emerging companies well on their way to a strong, exciting presence in all areas of the media. Brand-building means increased profitability. LYA has helped make its clients some of the most profitable and respected in their fields.


Understanding the individual marketing needs of each client, LYA is highly experienced in inspiring the media to take note on the local, regional and national levels. No matter where the message needs to be delivered, LYA will create a direct line to target audiences by maximizing clients’ media exposure in traditional, digital and social media.  We cultivate and maintain strong, lasting media relations and have up-to-minute database resources to help keep those relationships solid.


Effective PR outreach goes way beyond the norm. Tremendous results require unbridled passion, constant attention and the ability to be in the right place at the right time. Whenever possible, LYA distinguishes and aligns client campaigns with topical news and events that help cut through the media clutter and fatigue factor.


By staying ahead of the curve, LYA virtually guarantees that its clients will rise to the top and shine.

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