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LYA creates dynamic, sales-driven PR campaigns that produce stellar results in the most cost-effective ways. We have helped large corporations launch new products with meaningful brand-building programs that establish and maintain solid media visibility. Additionally, we have been very successful in placing emerging companies well on their way to a strong, exciting presence in all areas of the media. Brand-building means increased profitability. LYA has helped make its clients some of the most profitable and respected in their fields.


LYA uncovers a world of angles in each client’s seminal message, so that campaigns stay fresh and rise above the PR “din” that barrages today’s writers, bloggers, editors and television producers.  At the same time, LYA ferrets out upcoming stories and television segments, getting clients in on the ground floor.  LYA is equipped to handle all national, as well as regional and local PR.  In order to garner maximum media exposure, LYA utilizes the most powerful combination of tools and resources available today.

LYA listens very carefully to what our clients have to say in terms of their goals and expectations.  We work with them to conduct robust category research and data analysis in order to develop communications strategies that will produce the desired results. 

Press communication documents generated by the team never get the “delete” button.  We work very closely with our clients to establish unique brand positioning and messaging.  Once this is accomplished, it is crucial for us to develop a distinctive brand voice that will not only reflect the brand’s position, image and tone, but will also resonate with your target audience and be the critical foundation for the generation of press materials and other collateral communications.

We know how to get the media’s attention to engage them with our brand messages and exciting story ideas.  Our provocative, yet thoughtful press outreach documents and pitch concepts always produce outstanding results.

Relationships are at the core of everything we do.  The LYA team prides itself on building long lasting media relationships.  Our contacts are not just a name on a list.  We make it our business to connect in meaningful ways, oftentimes meeting with them desk-side to introduce them to a new product, service or client expert.  These meetings allow us to work with editors and producers to ensure inclusion in upcoming stories and segments.

There is no one size fits all in terms of communications strategy.  We listen very carefully to what our clients have to say in terms of their perceived audience, product features, benefits and company goals and expectations.  We work closely with our clients to get a complete understanding of their product(s), category, mission and goals in order to develop customized communications strategies and initiatives that are a perfect fit for the brand.


LYA is highly experienced in helping clients with product development, product naming exploratories as well as the creation and evaluation of in-depth marketing plans. 

For client advertising needs, we are closely aligned with highly respected, cost-effective third party media strategy, planning and buying professionals.  We also work with a number of impressive resources for graphics, advertising, website design, SEO, content generation and other collateral assets. 

Whether it’s creating a sales presentation, packaging design or book trailer, LYA has a large stable of exceptional resources to fit every client need and budget.


Our robust influencer campaigns provide natural exposure for your brand among your target demographic.  Creating meaningful relationships with influential and targeted bloggers and social influencers is a powerful tool to gain exposure that is trusted among your consumers.    


We develop and manage online campaigns to promote brands on digital and social platforms through the use of key-influencers.  Generating support and securing trusted, influential third party endorsements helps create credibility with the target audience.  Promoting products via digital influencers is key because:

  • Consumers interact with your brand in an authentic and natural way

  • Followers highly value the products promoted by influencers they follow

  • Consumers are directly impacted in terms of buying decisions


LYA leverages relationships with our current network of top influencers, as well as researches new influencers we find to be a relevant fit for your brand.  To accomplish optimal results, we carefully select influencers that naturally align with your brand’s personality and mission.


While celebrity endorsements are generally very expensive, we know that it can be extremely beneficial to have high profile fans for your brand.  LYA targets appropriate celebrities through their publicists and directly through social media to test clients’ products.  Oftentimes, if they like the product(s), engaged celebrities will provide social media mentions for your brand that can then be used as leverage in relevant PR outreach without the costs of hiring a paid celebrity spokesperson.   

Additionally, LYA monitors and evaluates all appropriate celebrity events/gift bag and sampling opportunities.  We focus solely on A-List events where the client will see a return on investment via celebrity photos and social media shares that can be leveraged for PR purposes. 

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